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musculoskeletal & SoFT TISSUE INJURY Webinar

Wednesday 2pm(PDT), July 1, 2020

Hosted and Sponsored by Shin Imaging Center

MSK & Soft Tissue Injury Webinar

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Accurate Assessment of MSK & Soft Tissue Injury.

Exquisitely Detailed Findings of Soft Tissue Trauma with 3T MRI.

We cordially invite you to join us this Wednesday for a webinar hosted and sponsored by SHIN Imaging Center, that will review how to manage, evaluate and optimally guide cases involving Musculoskeletal (MSK) & Soft Tissue Injury. Learn from MSK experts to masterfully handle every step of an MSK case. You’ll learn the best techniques to maximize the outcomes for your patients and clients.

The accurate assessment of musculoskeletal & soft tissue injuries and treatment options rely on the results of advanced imaging


This webinar will follow the journey of the patient/client from the injury to initial referral to a clinician for evaluation, to the imaging ordered to help the evaluation process, and ultimately exhibit how that diagnosis is used to help the client. It will address the best practices in evaluating potential MSK/Soft Tissue Injuries, the role of imaging in MSK injuries, and the advantages of 3 Tesla MRI for advanced imaging.


Wednesday at 2pm(PDT), July 1, 2020

Learn from MSK experts on how to masterfully handle every step of a MSK case


Tom Feher Headshot.jpg

Tom Feher, Esq

Founder, personal injury and product liability trial lawyer with Feher Law. Board member of Brain Society of California

  • Obtained $40 million in verdicts in 2018.

  • Worked on hundreds of injury cases focusing on spine, brain, and catastrophic injuries.

  • At just 36 years old, he’s tried 40 cases and been honored with 2018 CAALA’s Rising Star, 2017 OCTLA’s Young Gun, and 2016 CAOC’s Street Fighter awards.

  • Board member of CAOC and the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charity


Dr. Jeffrey Lai, M.D.

Jeffrey Lai, MD, specializes in the non-surgical management of athletes and active individuals all ages.  His medical interests include musculoskeletal ultrasound, ortho biologics, sports concussion, and hormone optimization.

  • Board-certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine

  • Graduated from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine

  • Completed his residency and fellowship at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and was the fellowship director in Primary Care Sports Medicine. 

  • Head team physician for Long Beach State University and has served as a sideline physician for various sporting organizations including the NCAA, USA Rugby, USA Gymnastics, USA Women’s Water Polo, Run Disney, and the World Series of Volleyball.


Dr. Kevin Cressey, D.C.

If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident, allow Dr. Cressey to provide a thorough examination to assess the damage to your body. Dr. Cressey will refer you to the appropriate professionals for all injuries that are discovered including orthopedist, neurologist, pain management, neuropsychologist, neuro optometrist, PT, and other licensed experts.

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Anthropology from the University of California, Riverside

  • Graduate of the Spine Research Institute of San Diego’s Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology Program, specializing in auto accident injuries. 

  • Received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles.


Dr. Corey Chakarun


Dr. Chakarun specializes in radiofrequency thermocoagulation of bone tumors, imaging-guided joint injections, imaging-guided biopsies, imaging of musculoskeletal disorders, and sports-related injuries

  • Board-certified radiologist

  • Was appointed Chief Resident and named Fellow of the Year at the University of Southern California.

  • He has published scientific papers, abstracts, and educational exhibits as a leading author, and presented the findings before international audiences at American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) and the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

Register Information

We look forward to seeing you there


Wednesday at 2pm(PDT), July 1, 2020

Webinar ID & Link

Please click the link below to register our webinar:

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Please email with any questions you may have.

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Coming soon!

3T MRI Spinal Imaging and Clinical Management with a neuroradiologist and neurosurgeon

Specific Advantages of Musculoskeletal Imaging

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  • The Higher SNR spatial resolution define detection of tears of the articular cartilage of the labrum of the shoulder and hip and triangular fibro cartilage complex tears of the wrist.

  • Non- invasive imaging method for early detection of osteoarthritis with Cartigram

  • High- Homogeneity delivers excellent fat saturation away from iso-center and over a 50cm field-of-view great for whole body scan and extremities exams

  • IDEAL software produce 4different contrasts – fat/water/inphase/out of phase from one single acquisition

Why 3T MRI?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the 3 Tesla MRI is an encyclopedia.


SHIN IMAGING GE 3T MRIs in Los Angeles and Orange County are extremely efficient. Utilizing shorter scan times, the 3T machine maximizes patient comfort without compromising quality. The superb reliability of high-field MRI allows our board-certified radiologists to differentiate between benign and potentially hazardous medical conditions with confidence. This allows your health-care team to provide you with earlier diagnosis and treatment, subsequently leading to more positive outcomes.

Insurance companies pay the same amount for an MRI, regardless of whether your exam is performed on a low-field or high-field magnet. Don’t compromise your health with a lower strength magnet. Take advantage of the state-of-the-art technology and friendly atmosphere at our physician owned-and-operated facility. Choose 3T Imaging.

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