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Why 3 Tesla MRI scans matter for

Personal Injury cases?

Medical imaging is a powerful tool in the presentation of personal injury cases.

The images can be used prior to trial to prove to opposing lawyers, insurers, and defendants that the injured person’s claim is just and that he or she should win. Highest quality imaging helps attorneys better prepare for litigation and allow the most favorable settlement possible for their clients’ personal injury cases.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the 3T MRI scan is an encyclopedia.

   Q: Have auto Insurance companies been tired of the low Tesla MRI scan bills for           decades?

   A: The most accurate diagnosis from 3T High Field MRI results in the most                   precise med-legal report and the best treatment solution for the client.

  • If a person has been injured in an accident, having a lawyer who understands the medical issues that are involved with that injury can make a big difference in convincing the liability insurance company to pay what they rightfully owe.

  • If a person’s personal injury case is part of a legal dispute, the best scanner for diagnostic imaging - 3T MRI scan images should be used by an attorney to demonstrate the evidence of any injury was sustained.

  • Only a few 3T MRI centers have been accepting Personal Injury liens in Southern California.

Never Miss Any Injury

The greater the Tesla value, the higher the magnetic field strength of the machine. 


The most common type of MRI scanner in use in the United States today is a 1.5 Tesla scanners, and 0.3 to 0.5T open MRI scanners for most Personal Injury cases.

However, in recent years, 3 Tesla scanners have become available in many major metropolitan hospitals, and top 10% imaging centers nationwide.


  • 4 x higher spatial resolution than 0.5 Tesla MRI (Stand Up MRI)

  • 2 x higher spatial resolution than 1.5 Tesla MRI - the accurate herniated disc        volume  measurement, clear identification of Whiplash injury, and clear views of  sciatic nerve

  • 2 x faster scan time than 1.5 Tesla and 4 times faster than 0.5 Tesla MRI

How are 3 Tesla Ultra Height Field MRI scans beneficial for various types of Injury?
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)


3 Tesla MRI is also best known for its ability to detect smaller pathology. Even mild Traumatic Brain Injury is seen far better on 3T MRI than 1.5T MRI or open MRI.

DTI(Diffusion Tensor Imaging) runs best on ultra high 3 Tesla MRI.

  • Soft Tissue Injury/Whiplash


The increased image clarity revealed by 3T is particularly beneficial to define the exact volumetric size of disc, annular tear on the disc fishier tear of ligament, and muscle and ligament redundancy.

  • Chest Injury

The capacity of short breath hold and respiratory triggering software of SHIN Imaging 3 Tesla MRI can detect the hair line rib fractures and edema in the lungs noninvasively.

  • Musculoskeletal Injury

Like high definition TV images, the highest spatial resolution of 3T MRI can detect the linear tear on the ligaments and muscles.

  • Herniated Disc

SHIN Imaging 3Tesla MRI has the capability to scan herniated disc size which can be measured by volume (SI, AP, and RL dimension ).

Reading by Subspecialty Radiologists

In personal injury cases, diagnostic imaging report is of utmost importance. The report acts as legal evidence to justify treatment for any type of injury. These medical reports are often used to highlight the severity of the personal injury case to an insurance company or jury, which determines the compensation offered by the insurance company. The most precise med-legal report completed by SHIN Imaging’s subspecialty radiologists helps attorneys, jury, and insurance company to better understand how severe one’s injuries are or the extent of the injury. In addition, the medical report that a doctor provides helps the attorney to prove one’s case to allow the most favorable settlement possible.

Flexible Lien Negotiation

SHIN Imaging has been proudly serving the community by being the first imaging center to install 3T MRI in Los Angeles, 2 more 3T MRIs in Orange County and providing the best flexibility in lien negotiation for personal injury cases since 2003.